Mapi Mhlangu

Former Editor-in Chief, eNCA, South Africa and founder of MInsight Content Creation.

Mapi Mhlangu is the Managing-Director and founder of MInsight Content Creation (MCC), a consultancy firm that is at the forefront of African media newsrooms’ operational effectiveness and strategic positioning. At the centre of MCC’s mission is the need to bring value to the world, people, story of all clients and stakeholders. A conversation strategist, Mapi has facilitated a number of discussions on diversity and on challenging the narrative around migration in Southern Africa. Mapi is a storyteller with 23 years of experience in radio, television and digital platforms, and was the first woman to hold the position of both Managing Director and Editor-in Chief at South Africa’s first and most watched 24-hour English news channel, eNCA. Mapi is credited with expanding and solidifying eNCA’s position in the marketplace despite the arrival of two competing 24-hour news channels.

Position: Former Editor-in Chief, eNCA, South Africa